To say that the file syncing and collaboration market is “noisy” is an understatement at best. It seems like almost every day a new startup or product pops up that offers file syncing and backup. Generally, these tools work quite well: in the case of file syncing, you place your files in a designated folder or drive where the application can find them. Any file placed under the designated folder/drive will then be uploaded somewhere in the cloud and also distributed to your other devices.?

AeroFS is designed to let you go beyond simple file syncing and collaboration. You own devices with vast amounts of storage available (e.g. laptops, desktops), yet you are forced to rely on third party cloud technologies to sync and share files between them. Cloud-based syncing and sharing works well for small personal documents and limited media, but breaks down when we talk about use cases such as:

  • Businesses sharing and collaborating on sensitive contracts and documents, where control over your data is truly important
  • Sharing vast amounts of rich media (think hundreds of gigabytes), where cloud storage costs grow rapidly

To address these issues, we’ve designed AeroFS to be completely decentralized. You can sync files between any two (or more!) devices with or without Internet access, over a LAN, and behind a firewall. Your files do not need to be uploaded to the cloud, so you will retain full control of your data.?

Of course, sometimes you want?to store your files in the cloud (off site backup, better availability, or because you’re hip like that). No problemo! To us, the “cloud” is just another peer, so if you want to share your files in the cloud, you can easily do so. We just want to make sure that you have the choice?over where your data is stored.?

There are some other cool things that AeroFS can do that are simply impossible with centralized solutions, but I will save these for another blog post.

AeroFS is currently in a semi-private alpha/beta development phase. What this means is that we’re rolling out invites as fast as we can, but at a rate that lets us deal with the feedback that you give us. If you’re interested in giving it a try, head over to the signup┬ápage and we’ll give you an invitation within a few days!?