AeroFS Team

The team at AeroFS recently got hit with a case of spring fever for which the only cure is baseball! So this week we adventured up to the City, home of the San Francisco Giants, to catch some fun in the sun and a ball game.


Those of us who are Peninsula dwellers got the party started with early morning office mimosas. We then piled onto the northbound Caltrain, picking up team members along the way. When the train pulled into its last stop at 4th and King, it was time to depart for our next adventure: brunch.

We met up with our San Francisco dwellers at Town’s End, where we were treated to a delicious breakfast, along with a raffle for some Giants swag before the game.

After bunch, we moved on to the main event: the San Francisco Giants vs Toronto Blue Jays game! Having so many Canadians in the office meant we were quite split on who to root for. The one thing we could all agree on was that we were having a great time, and that the warm California sun was much better suited for a baseball game than frigid Canada!


The game stretched on for 13 innings, with a walk-off by Buster Posey finally securing a one point win for the Giants! We then went our separate ways home, bellies full of hot dogs, beer and laughter, and our team further bonded by a ball game.

-Gaby and the AeroFS Team