Users don’t intend to create a security risk when they send a file. They’re just trying to do their jobs. But file-size limits prevent emailing an attachment. Or maybe it takes forever to upload and download a file.

Sometimes they need to share with an external partner—but security policy won’t allow it, or cumbersome security authentication processes are just too frustrating. Time for an end run. These are the times when users turn to Dropbox, Box, Hightail, and other public file-sharing sites.

IT knows it’s happening, and the IT team knows the risks that come with potential data leaks. In fact, Enterprise Strategy Group found that 91 percent of organizations surveyed prohibited at least one type of data from being stored in the cloud.

But you can regain control more easily than you might imagine:

  • Keep files and data internal. With AeroFS, a copy of files and data stays on your infrastructure
    and users share via links to the information.
  • Everyone shares. Users can share even the largest files, from anywhere.
  • Encrypt the data. Automatically encrypt data in transit without users having to do anything.
  • See everything. Centralized dashboard, auditing, file recovery, conflict management, and other capabilities give you complete visibility and control.

Keep users happy. Keep your sanity. See more in Overcoming the 4 Most Common Enterprise File-Sharing Obstacles, our latest white paper.