Private File Server Replacement

File servers are basically dumb boxes—users manually move files on, and move files off. With AeroFS, you can easily turn that dumb server into a smart syncing device that automatically keeps all your organization’s files in sync.

The Team Server

The AeroFS Team Server is a lightweight client that can replace and augment existing file servers. It is a central repository for your organization's files, much as a traditional file server was, but the Team Server provides a number of benefits on top:

  • Save sync history in a central location for recovery and auditing.
  • Back up your organization's files in case of device loss or other disasters
  • Provide a central access point for AeroFS files and data, exposed through a traditional protocol like Windows File Share, FTP, and NFS.

Learn more about AeroFS Team Server.

Sync History

The Team Server contains a history of all changes produced by the organization. This history is time stamped and archived based on the editor so that they can later be recovered, or used as an audit trail of modifications.

Legacy Support of Windows File Sharing and FTP

In some cases you may want to expose access to your Team Server through more traditional interfaces. The AeroFS Team Server can expose data in a traditional folder hierarchy so that these folders can be accessible over Windows File Sharing and FTP protocols.

Sharing from Team Server

Sharing folders can be done through the Team Server in exactly the same fashion it would be done on a regular client. Simply right-click on a folder, click "AeroFS > Share This Folder", and enter the email address of the person you'd like to share with.