Secure File Sharing for Sensitive Projects

AeroFS syncs your data without ever storing it on a third-party server. Perfect for healthcare, finance, education, or any industry concerned with data privacy.

Collaborate Natively

With AeroFS you automatically keep all your files in sync. Made a change to a presentation? It will automatically sync to all your devices and anyone you're collaborating with. Somebody else made a change? You'll automatically receive it.

Say goodbye to the annoying "version 5 REALLY FINAL" emails and hello to native collaboration on the desktop. Simply save your files to your AeroFS folder and you're done!

Permission Control

Projects change. People come and people go. AeroFS is built around the idea that you may need to change project ownership and permissions throughout the life cycle of the project.

AeroFS currently supports three types of folder members:

  • Owners: Owners are project administrators. They can add and remove members to the shared folder, as well as modify and create content.

  • Editors: Editors can create and modify content, but cannot add and remove members.

  • Viewers: Viewers can only read content. Changes on a Viewer's device will not be synced to other devices.

Conflict Management

In the real world, people don't work in isolation. That means that sometimes two or more of your coworkers will work on the same file at the same time. AeroFS lets you do that and you can easily resolve conflicts later by comparing the changes.


We appreciate the importance of security and privacy when collaborating on projects. All data transmitted between collaborators is encrypted using AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA.

Further, if a person is removed from a project, the project folder owner can remove the person from the folder easily. If a device is lost or stolen, AeroFS allows the administrator to remotely wipe that device, as well as prevent it from doing any further syncing.

Learn more about AeroFS security.


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