Easily share large files. Remove limits to email attachment sizes, avoid overloaded email servers and network links, and accelerate large file transfers by up to 10 times.

High Speed

Users on the same LAN segment can share files with each other directly, rather than having to upload and download files across the Internet. AeroFS developed Smart Routing technology, which makes intelligent routing decisions based on traffic and distance between hosts. Dramatically accelerate transfer rates up to line speed for near-real-time synching and seamless collaboration.

Intuitive File Sharing

A familiar menu and right-click options fit users’ existing workflows so file sharing is as easy as working with regular files and folders. Sync and share files by dropping them in the AeroFS folder.

Device Sharing

AeroFS lets users quickly and easily share large files from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

Secure Attachment Links

AeroFS can remove attachments and replace them with secure links to information. IT can audit and revoke links for increased control and security. Links to information—instead of bulky attachments—and direct routing technology prevents large files from overloading Internet links and email servers.

Cut Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce cost of ownership by avoiding the need for adding costly file servers in order to support large file sharing. Unlike traditional server solutions, AeroFS enables high-performance file sharing by synching directly between devices, often without even leaving the network switch. You simply don’t need storage servers. If you install AeroFS Team Server for centralized backup, the server is just another device in the AeroFS infrastructure, allowing you to scale up with simple, low-cost hardware.