Save time, comply with security policies, and gain storage flexibility for more comprehensive control over shared files and enterprise information. Not to mention peace of mind.

Reduce Risk

AeroFS lets you avoid the risks associated with data moving to and from public clouds or third-party service providers. Because AeroFS operates on your own infrastructure, data stays within the enterprise, subject to your information security policies. Comprehensive audit trails for every action facilitate compliance monitoring.

End-to-End Data Encryption

Data in transit is automatically encrypted end-to-end for higher security, without requiring users to do anything. We use proven AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA encryption techniques. You also can use AeroFS as the root certificate authority (CA) and configure AeroFS clients to only trust the AeroFS appliance. This strengthens security by limiting the trust footprint.

Scale with Confidence

AeroFS uses technology that was typically reserved for large-scale data centers to achieve high data transfer speed and performance. And as a virtual appliance, you can set up a scalable private cloud with inexpensive, commodity hardware.

Simple, Effective Data Leakage Protection

Know exactly where your data resides and who has access to it by assigning, auditing, and revoking links to files. See which folders are shared, and with whom. Stop unauthorized data sharing. See which devices users use with AeroFS, and remove and optionally wipe lost or stolen devices. Versioning, file recovery, and conflict management features also help ensure that no data is lost.

Automate Provisioning and Simplify Identity Management

AeroFS integrates with Active Directory and LDAP for automated provisioning and de-provisioning, as well as with Mobile Device Management systems to enable remote wipe capabilities on mobile devices. Active Directory and LDAP integration also supports your existing user management policies and infrastructure. OpenID integration allows you to easily provide federated login through any OpenID-compatible system, whether it’s your own or a public system, such as Google Apps.

Centralize Security and Administration

An intuitive administrative dashboard allows you to manage users, permissions, and devices from any browser. Designate administrators who can add and remove users, remote-wipe lost devices, manage shared folder permissions, and help keep sharing between authorized users.

Backup and DR features

Because files remain on your infrastructure, they are subject to your normal backup and DR processes. The AeroFS Team Server also allows you to store data centrally in block or flat storage and back up to a central location.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce cost of ownership by avoiding the need for adding costly file servers in order to deploy or scale file sharing capabilities. Unlike traditional server solutions, AeroFS enables high-performance file sharing by synching directly between devices, often without even leaving the network switch. You simply don’t need storage servers. If you install AeroFS Team Server for centralized backup, the server is just another device in the AeroFS infrastructure, allowing you to scale up with simple, low-cost hardware.

Gain Storage Flexibility

You can use the AeroFS Team Server to create a central location for file backup. The AeroFS Team Server is a lightweight client that installs on any network-connected device to turn it into a central storage location. Store data as block or flat storage, depending on your specific objectives.