Users find it easy and convenient to use, so they do, enabling you to achieve better return on investment with AeroFS.

Easy to Use

AeroFS makes file sharing as intuitive as working with regular files. It fits with users’ existing workflows and lets them share files from any device. Ease of use promotes rapid user adoption and stickiness.


Thanks to AeroFS’s unique Smart Routing capability, users on the same LAN segment share files with each other directly, dramatically increasing transfer speed. AeroFS can accelerate transfer rates of up to 90mb/sec for near-real-time synching and seamless collaboration.

Uh Oh

Mistakes happen. AeroFS versioning and file recovery features let users recover old versions of their files in the case of accidental deletions or overwrites. Simply right click on the file or folder and select AeroFS > Sync History to browse through various revisions and optionally revert to a previous one.

Easy Conflict Management

AeroFS lets you easily resolve file conflicts. The AeroFS client alerts you to conflicts and enables you to view all conflicting versions and resolve conflicts on the fly.

Better Collaboration

Even mobile users can easily share files with external partners without having to go through cumbersome steps. Links to information make it fast, easy, and secure to share files with customers, vendors, and partners.