Easy Replication & Data Recovery

AeroFS Team Servers in offsite locations will automatically begin syncing, allowing you to easily create redundancy.

Installation is Easy

AeroFS Team Servers can be installed as quickly as a regular client. Simply enter an organization administrator's username and password and you're done!

Storage and Backup

Team Server can store data locally on disk, on a SAN or NAS exposed as a local filesystem, or remotely to Amazon S3.

By providing you with a variety of storage choices, Team Server allows you to decouple where your data is stored and where the server is running, adding additional safety to your data storage strategy.

Disaster Recovery

If disaster strikes and one of your AeroFS Team Servers crashes or becomes corrupted, recovery is as simple as installing an AeroFS Team Server on another device. Once installed, the device will automatically begin syncing from other client computers, as well as any other available Team Servers.


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