AeroFS is Key to Your Data Protection Policy

Your corporate data is the lifeblood of your organization, and the AeroFS Private Cloud deployment option helps you keep it safe and in compliance.

Data Leakage Prevention

Our private cloud syncing and sharing technology means you always know where your data is and who has access to it.

  • Deployed completely behind your corporate firewall.
  • Gives control with centralized security and remote wipe.
  • Protects your data in transit with AES-256bit encryption.
  • Data can easily be replicated to multiple locations to prevent data loss.

Audit Trails

AeroFS provides comprehensive audit trails for nearly every action that happens within your AeroFS Private Cloud. IT administrators can audit:

  • Account creation, password, login attempts
  • File creation/modification/deletion
  • New devices added to a user's account
  • Users added/deleted from a shared folder, as well as modified permissions
  • And so on.
The AeroFS Audit Trail easily integrates with Splunk, or your own existing logging infrastructure through a well defined JSON interface.


The AeroFS Private Cloud has been embraced by companies across the globe looking for a way to sync and share files while complying with widely varying global data privacy regulations:

  • HIPAA & FERPA: Our Private Cloud installation is easy to install and administrate, reducing the risk of mis-management and mis-configuration. Keeping AeroFS behind your corporate firewalls helps companies trying to comply with the US’s HIPAA and FERPA regulations.
  • German BDSG: With our Private Cloud installation even admin data is on your own secure system, satisfying even tougher compliance measures such as Germany’s BDSG and the UK’s Data Protection Act.