More IT Control and Stronger Security

AeroFS enterprise file sync & share and collaboration solutions enable and enhance enterprise file sharing and collaboration. Unlike public cloud services, enterprise IT retains control over shared files before, during, and after they are shared. AeroFS is deployed as a virtual appliance on your infrastructure and as apps on your user’s devices, giving you complete deployment flexibility and keeping your data within your enterprise.

Improve Efficiency

Integrate AeroFS with your existing enterprise infrastructure such as Active Directory to enable seamless provisioning. There’s no need for dedicated VPN connections. You can use your existing storage. Large shared files no longer overload your email servers. And AeroFS’s innovative Smart Routing feature reduces the loads on WAN connections and enables sharing large files at line speeds.

Win Over Your Users

Now, users can collaborate anywhere with the files and information they need. It doesn’t matter if they’re on a mobile device. That the file size is over 1GB. Or that they need to share files with an external partner. Because it’s so fast and easy to use, users no longer look outside the business for file sharing workarounds from insecure public cloud solutions. Instead, they love it and adopt it quickly, driving high return on investment.

  • Empower Mobile Users

    Empower Mobile Users

    The AeroFS mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms let mobile users share any-sized files, anywhere, on any device.

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  • Transfer Large Files

    Transfer Large Files

    Remove the limits to email attachment sizes, avoid overloaded email servers and network links, and accelerate large file transfers by up to 10 times.

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  • Share Files Externally

    Share Files Externally

    Give users links to files, keeping access behind your firewall while enabling secure collaboration with external partners.

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  • IT Control

    IT Control

    Avoid the risks associated with data moving to and from public clouds or third-party service providers.

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