Flexible Solutions for Your Business

Securely Share and Transfer Large Files

Do people on your team need to send big video files, complex spreadsheets, or graphics-heavy presentations? With AeroFS they won’t have to work around the limits of your email provider. Simply save files to the AeroFS folder and it will automatically sync to all other devices.

Sharing is just as easy: Right click on any folder inside the AeroFS folder and share just by entering an email address. Learn more.

Collaborate on Sensitive Projects

Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, education, or another industry, there are more regulations and guidelines every day about how to keep data private and secure.

With AeroFS, you're in control of who can access and edit files, and as your organizations change you can easily add or remove users. Plus, AeroFS’s peer-to-peer file syncing technology and Private Cloud options mean your sensitive data never rests anywhere but on your own devices. Learn more.

Private File Server Replacement

With AeroFS's peer-to-peer syncing technologies, you actually don't need file servers at all. Data will sync automatically between devices and users, without first having to upload it to a central server.

If you do need to back up and sync all your data to a central location, AeroFS allows you to convert your old-fashioned file server into an AeroFS Team Server. The AeroFS Team Server gives you all the functionalities of a file server, with the additional magic of AeroFS: Automatic file versioning, sharing management, seamless sync and sharing, and many more features.

The Team Server is transparent to the end user: They no longer need to go to a "shared drive" or make sure that they're on the local network to sync data to your servers. In fact, they don't need to do anything special at all. AeroFS users simply place files into their AeroFS folder as they would otherwise, and the data will automatically sync to the AeroFS Team Server as well as their other devices. Learn more.

Easy Data Recovery

Creating a data recovery plan? Once a newly installed Team Server is online, it will automatically sync files from other Team Servers as well as other client computers. To increase data redundancy you can install additional Team Servers on-premise, in the cloud, or anywhere else you'd like to have your data reside. Learn more.