This morning, we’re proud to announce a great new feature of AeroFS: the Attachment Manager for Microsoft Exchange. The Attachment Manager completely eliminates attachment size limits as well as storage quota issues due to large attachments, and enhances security at the same time. And the best part: the Attachment Manager will be included at no additional charge as an integral part of AeroFS for Business.

The Attachment Manager accomplishes this sleight of hand by replacing attachments with a secure URL and storing the file in the enterprise’s AeroFS system, outside of the email server, but on the company’s own infrastructure. Not only are duplicate attachments removed from email storage, but when attachments are sent to multiple recipients, only one copy is stored. This way, users can send attachments of any size, because all they are really sending is a secure link to the file. CAD drawings, videos, graphics, and media no longer obstruct email systems and take up valuable storage space.

For IT, the AeroFS Attachment Manager deploys easily without requiring client-side plug-ins or software and automatically handles all email attachments. IT also has more control over attachments with the ability to restrict or revoke access at any time—even after an email has gone out. And comprehensive logging gives real-time control over who can access files and from where, boosting enterprise security.

Eliminate email storage headaches and lay security concerns to rest. Check out the new Attachment Manager for Exchange—the newest feature in AeroFS.