After we launched AeroFS/S3 integration, we quickly learned from our users that the best use case for it is with our forthcoming Team Server product. Now that we’ve released the AeroFS Team Server, we’d like to show you just how easy it is to use S3 as your secure, encrypted (using your own keys!) endpoint:

Once you’ve created your AeroFS account, log in at www.aerofs.com, find “Install” next to your username in the upper right, and select “Team Server”.

Note: this option is visible to everyone who is an administrator of a team. This includes if you are a team of one (yourself).

Follow the setup wizard, and you will see this prompt during the setup process:

TS setup1

Click “Advanced…” and you will see an option to change computer name and where to store files:

TS setup2

When you choose “Store files on Amazon S3” you will be prompted for S3 credentials:

TS setup3

Setting up Team Server with S3 is also available via aerofs-cli. Simply input your S3 credentials, a bucket ID, and a encryption key when prompted. And voila, you’re done.

As always, if you have any questions or hiccups setting up Team Server with S3, please ask for help at support@aerofs.com or visit support.aerofs.com to hear from other AeroFS users.

Happy syncing (with S3),
The AeroFS Team