In mid-June we hit a major milestone with the release of AeroFS Beta. The beta release has many improvements that we are quite proud of:

  • Personal integration with Amazon S3
  • Simplified Sharing and Syncing
  • Unlimited version history on local computers Cleaner UI across Mac/Windows/Linux
  • Overall improvements to the syncing speed and performance

Because of the many changes between the Alpha and Beta versions, we had to ask users to re-invite friends/colleagues to share files with them. As such, in an effort to cause as few headaches as possible, we made the upgrade from Alpha to Beta optional. Until now. It has now been three months since the release of the Beta, and as many of you have successfully made the switch from Alpha to Beta it is soon time for us to shut down the Alpha version altogether. On October 1st we will be shutting down the AeroFS Alpha cloud sync servers, as well as the registration and login servers! ?After this date, sharing, cloud back up, and invitations will no longer work with the Alpha version.

Checking your Version

Not sure which version you’re running? To check, simply click on the AeroFS Icon in the taskbar, and click Help->About AeroFS. If you see the (beta) next to the AeroFS version in the About menu, congratulations! You’re running the latest version.

Upgrading is Easy

Those of you who are not running the latest version should see an ‘Upgrade to AeroFS Beta’ menu item in the AeroFS Menu Bar.

Linux CLI users:

Please run $ aerofs-sh upgrade and follow instructions. If you don’t see the option to upgrade to beta, or have any problems installing AeroFS beta, please send us an email at support@aerofs.com.