Happy Friday the 13th!

Today we’d like to announce a few things, in order of importance:

Simplified Pricing

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve officially removed the limit on external collaborators on the free AeroFS account (paid accounts always had unlimited external collaborators). This means that if you’re in an organization of 1-3 people, you can now share with an unlimited number of people external to your organization.

Feature Improvements

Here at AeroFS we have been continuing our regular releases of AeroFS, and today I would like to point out a few of the features and improvements that Hybrid and Private cloud customers should notice in their AeroFS Clients.

Unsyncable Files

Cross-platform compatibility is incredibly difficult. For example, although the OSX platform supports pretty well all file names under the sun, Windows has significant restrictions.

Fortunately, most of these incompatibilities are relatively easy to resolve by simply renaming the file on the computer where you notice the error.

Last week we’ve released a number of improvements to the user experience around unsyncable files, and I’d like to point out some of these improvements now.

First, on the computer experiencing the problem you should see a notification in the tray menu:

Clicking on this notification will bring you to the following dialog:unsyncable-dialog

In this dialog you can go through each item, find out what the problem is in the Detail column, and address it by renaming the file.

Detailed information on unsyncable files can be found here.

Conflict Resolution

A file conflict is created when the same file is modified on two or more computers before their changes are synced. AeroFS has supported conflict resolution through a Help > Why Aren’t My Files Synced? dialog quite some time, but while overhauling the unsyncable files handling, we decided it was also a good time to revisit conflict resolution.

Resolving conflicts is as easy as resolving unsyncable files:

First, you will see a notification in the tray menu:


When you click on the notification, the following dialog will open:conflicts-list-dialog

From this view you can see the various versions, open them, and save a copy/resolve conflicts as necessary.

Detailed information on conflict resolution and what each option provides can be found here.

That’s it for now!

Yuri & The AeroFS Team