To those new to our blog: AeroFS is a private file-syncing and collaboration tool. AeroFS encrypts your data end-to-end, and only shares your files with those who you invite so your data is never stored in the public cloud.

Today marks an important date for our team and an important milestone in the maturity of AeroFS as a product: We’re officially removing the ‘private beta’ label and allowing you to sign up on our website directly. Although no longer necessary, we will be going through our invite list and inviting any outstanding users to sign up and try AeroFS, so expect an email from us soon.

Teamwork and Collaboration

AeroFS was built from the ground-up with collaboration in mind, and today we are taking a step in formalizing that experience: By default, when you create a new AeroFS account, you are also creating a new team.

Teams in AeroFS are a way for a group of people to organize themselves. Team Members benefit from central user administration (team admins have administrative functionality over their team members), as well as the ability to automatically sync/backup all their data to a central team server.

Team Members can also add external collaborators — people who they share one or more folders with who are not actually part of their team.

As we continue adding features to the product, you will notice more and more features being built around the concepts of team members and external collaborators, but for now the important distinction is that external collaborators are not a part of your team.


Launching out of private beta also means that we can finally share our pricing model with you. We’ve thought about pricing for a long time and have come up with a model that we feel is both fair to our users and scalable for us. You can see the full details here.

Existing Users: Your current AeroFS configurations should all be grandfathered through. Each of you will automatically become a member of your own team, and those of you who are interested in formalizing your teams are of course encouraged to do so. You are free to continue using AeroFS in your current configuration for as long as you’d like, but if you need to add additional team members or external collaborators you may be prompted to pay.

Final Thoughts

Getting to launch has been a long and interesting road for us. We’ve grown as a team, improved our product, and gained quite a few loyal users, customers, and fans along the way. We want to thank you all for being part of this amazing experience so far, and look forward to serving you even better in the future!

All the best,
Yuri & The AeroFS Team