October 30, 2014

Private Cloud Sync and Share Provider Now Officially Supports Deployment on OpenStack

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — AeroFS, the leading provider of private cloud file sharing services, today announced that it is now fully integrated and able to be deployed over OpenStack, making it the first such application to be built specifically for the OpenStack environment. Following a successful beta run with select customers, the solution is now officially available for download directly from the AeroFS website.

With this offering, organizations that have opted for private, OpenStack-based cloud deployments will be able to provide the end-user with the consumer-grade, Dropbox-like file sync and share service they’ve become accustomed to while all data remains 100 percent behind the firewall – never on AeroFS’s servers.

The enterprise’s demand for OpenStack-based cloud solutions is at an all-time high, and it’s no secret that the industry as a whole has taken notice. As evidenced in just the last few months, MetaCloud has been acquired by Cisco, Eucalyptus Systems has been acquired by HP and Mirantis has announced a substantial series B funding round.

“More and more organizations are choosing the OpenStack model for their cloud deployments, but until now, there have not been any killer applications introduced that are built specifically for the environment,” said Yuri Sagalov, CEO of AeroFS. “Unsurprisingly, we’ve been consistently asked for this integration as the demand in the market has grown. We listened, and AeroFS’ Private Cloud sync and share application should now be the easy and obvious next step for IT once OpenStack has been deployed.”

Key features of AeroFS Private Cloud for OpenStack include:

  • Integration with OpenStack Swift for storage allowing IT administrators to store and back up user data efficiently using OpenStack’s key-value based storage mechanism.
  • Central Administration – Administrators are able to manage their AeroFS deployment completely from the web for a user experience that mirrors most modern SaaS applications, while still keeping the appliance and data completely behind the corporate firewall by deploying on their OpenStack private cloud. AeroFS refers to this model as “SaaS on prem.”
  • No Storage Limitations – Because the data is kept on your own OpenStack deployment (and optionally leverages the OpenStack Swift system), AeroFS imposes no storage restrictions on the administrator.
  • Point to Point encryption – AeroFS encrypts data at rest on the OpenStack deployment using AES-256, as well as in transit between end user clients and the AeroFS appliance.
  • Integrated Authentication – By keeping the AeroFS appliance in an organization’s OpenStack private cloud, administrators are able to enable end user authentication using existing LDAP/AD infrastructures without exposing their LDAP/AD infrastructure to the public internet.

AeroFS brings to OpenStack what over fifty thousand users have already experienced – the ability to share and collaborate with colleagues, vendors, partners and customers while keeping full control over their data.

AeroFS for OpenStack is available for download now at www.aerofs.com/openstack with a price of 15 dollars per enterprise user, per month.

About AeroFS

AeroFS is a file syncing and sharing service that never stores data on a third party server. AeroFS keeps file sharing directly between users’ devices, allowing for unlimited amounts of data syncing quickly and completely privately. With simple-to-use solutions for personal and business use, AeroFS runs behind users’ firewalls, making it the easiest and most secure option available. Based in Palo Alto, CA, AeroFS is revolutionizing the file syncing and sharing space and giving new meaning to the concept of secure data.