Earlier this year we announced support for opt-in two-factor authentication for security-sensitive AeroFS users. Administrators loved it, and they wanted all employees to protect their accounts with two-factor authentication.

We are proud to announce that administrators can now require two-factor authentication with AeroFS for all users across their entire organization in both Hybrid and Private Cloud. This is a great step toward making two-factor authentication the gold standard for the business world.

What does it do?

Two-factor authentication means that when you or your employees log in to the AeroFS website, or want to set up a new device, you’ll also have to enter a six-digit code you read from a smartphone app. Required two-factor authentication for your organization means that before you can take any other account actions like setting up a new device, viewing your files through the website, or sharing files with other users, you’ll need to set up two-factor authentication with your phone for your account.

What does it defend against?

With required two-factor authentication, companies can protect themselves against password theft, brute-force attacks, and weak passwords, all without having to resort to overly burdensome password policies that pit employees against IT. At AeroFS, we’re proud to provide this security feature without compromising on usability.

How do I turn it on?

Want to make two-factor authentication mandatory for your organization today?
Follow these steps.

— Drew & the AeroFS Team