Eliminate “Mailbox Full” Syndrome and Attachment Size Limits While Enhancing Security

Email Attachments – Solved

It’s a constant struggle – file sizes are increasing, but email quotas are not. Storage is getting cheaper, but at enterprise scale it’s still a hurdle. The AeroFS Attachment Manager for Microsoft Exchange replaces email attachments in with links to the same file in a secure AeroFS folder, without the need for a client-side plugin. Attachments no longer take up mailbox quota, and IT admins gain greater control over company data.

Easy to Deploy & Transparent Operation

The attachment manager deploys as a plugin on the Microsoft Exchange Server and requires no client side plugin or other configuration from the user. And it works transparently – users send email as they normally would, and the attachments get saved to the company AeroFS store and replaced with links automatically.

Increase IT Control & Security

  • The Attachment Manager reduces storage requirements by eliminating attachment redundancy. When an attachment is sent to multiple recipients, only one copy of the file is  stored.
  • Attachments can be restricted or revoked at any time—even after the email has been sent—because the file itself resides within the enterprise in the AeroFS system and only links to the files that are sent.
  • The system logs all attachment file accesses, including date and time, IP address and other information that allows real-time control over who access the files and from where.