At AeroFS securing your data is our priority and today we are pleased to announce the release of a major new security feature for the Private Cloud: Device Authorization.

With Device Authorization, IT administrators have fine-grained control over which users and devices are permitted to run the AeroFS desktop clients. A Device Authorization endpoint must be implemented and configured by the IT admin. The endpoint, once configured, will receive a request for authorization from the AeroFS appliance when a user is trying to install AeroFS on a given desktop or laptop device. The endpoint must return a boolean true/false indicating whether or not this user should be permitted to complete the installation.

The Device Authorization Endpoint is configured via the AeroFS Appliance administrative interface as shown below.

The request for authorization will contain the end user?s IP address as seen by the appliance, the end user’s MAC address, and many other useful system identifiers. This allows the IT admin to create robust rules to restrict access based on a number of different system properties.

Some of our customers are already using this additional layer of security. For more information, please see our how to configure device authorization support article. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us at

This feature comes on top of an arsenal of security features we provide to administrators including:

  • audit logs
  • remote wipe for lost/stolen laptops
  • user access revocation
  • end-to-end encryption

Everyday we work to empower administrators to keep control of the data.

— Matt and the AeroFS Team