Top 7 Risks of Cloud File Sync and Share

How to Avoid The Top 7 Risks of Cloud File Sync and Share

Employee-led adoption of cloud-based file sharing services is a great thing until it runs into the security risks of cloud computing.

All too often, unauthorized Shadow IT projects move sensitive and proprietary data to the cloud without understanding the following critical security implications:

1) Bypassed Data Security
2) Data Theft
3) Third-party Data Access
4) Risks to Compliance
5) Mobile Device Entrypoint
6) Uncertain Security Posture
7) Mixed Personal and Professional Data

Download our free guide to understanding these Top 7 Risks of Cloud-based File Sync and Share and how to avoid them.

“According to a Cloud Security Alliance survey, 91% of industry experts rank data breach and data loss as critical threats to cloud security.”

– Cloud Security Alliance, “The Notorious Nine”

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Top 7 Risks of Cloud File Sync and Share

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