The EU Safe Harbor ruling means you need AeroFS more than ever

With AeroFS, your data stays in the safest harbor – your own.

The US-based servers powering the public cloud used to be seen as a Safe Harbor for your data. No more. The Safe Harbor Framework was recently struck down by the European Court of Justice.

Protect the privacy of your company’s data with AeroFS – the safe harbor for your data.



Our file sync and share solution deploys on your infrastructure.



Your data never leaves your own system.



Set up in under 5 minutes.

Download AeroFS today! For up to 30 users, it’s free.

Learn more by reading the full EU Safe Harbor Ruling.

“The ruling is so sweepingly broad that any mechanism used to transfer data from Europe to US could be under threat.” – New York Times, October 7, 2015

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Secure and private.

Your files are never stored on AeroFS servers. AeroFS enables you to share and collaborate while keeping full control over your data, even when sharing with your customers, vendors, and partners.


Compliance, Auditing, Two-Factor Authentication, LDAP/AD integration, device authorization and many more enterprise features are all available out of the box!


With AeroFS’s Smart Routing technology you can sync data at 80-90mb/s inside your LAN.