We’ve recently (as of 0.8.33) introduced a Canary Release channel to the Hybrid Cloud Desktop AeroFS client.

The purpose of having a Canary Release Channel is to allow developers and early adopters to get a taste of the latest AeroFS features while allowing us to improve product stability when we push new updates.

The Canary release is always a much newer release that is not tested as thoroughly as the Stable release, so it can be vulnerable to failures. The Canary release will also get more frequent updates than the Stable release.

Once a Canary releases becomes stable, it will get promoted to the Stable Release Channel. Our Release Notes will continue to reflect the latest Stable release.

Your Desktop AeroFS Client already supports the Canary Release Channel, although the client is set to run at the Stable release by default. If you’d like to explore the latest and greatest features that AeroFS has to offer, simply click on the AeroFS Icon > Preferences > Advanced and select Canary in the drop-down list next to the Release channel:


Once you choose the Canary release, AeroFS will continue updating to the latest Canary build.

Note: Even if you’ve switched to a Canary Release Channel, you can always switch back to a Stable Release Channel. However, this change will not take affect until the next Stable release is pushed out.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at support@aerofs.com.

— Yuri & the AeroFS Team.