Power systems and energy companies are subject to a growing list of regulations, especially when it comes to data security. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)/North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is designed to enforce protective measures for critical infrastructure. 

AeroFS can help energy companies:

  • Prevent unauthorized file access
  • Control who can communicate with whom
  • Control which data can be shared with external partners or customers
  • Prevent data loss from endpoints
  • Audit and analyze data access and usage across systems

Automate Provisioning and Simplify Identity Management

AeroFS integrates with Active Directory and LDAP for automated provisioning and de-provisioning, as well as with Mobile Device Management systems to enable remote wipe capabilities on mobile devices.

Simple, Trusted Authentication

Eliminate cumbersome authentication processes—one of the primary barriers to mobile adoption. AeroFS mobile users simply scan a QR code generated by the AeroFS virtual appliance.

End-to-End Data Encryption with Trust

Data in transit is automatically encrypted end-to-end for greater security using enterprise-strength AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA encryption. AeroFS can also act as the root certificate authority (CA) and configure AeroFS clients to only trust your AeroFS appliance. This strengthens security by limiting the trust footprint.

Data Leakage Prevention

Always know where your data is and who has access to it. You can view all of the devices on which users have installed the AeroFS app. See which folders are shared and with whom to prevent unauthorized data sharing. Revoke privileges immediately if a user leaves the company and remote-wipe a device if it is lost or stolen.

Simplified, Secure External Sharing

AeroFS lets users share files with external partners, customers, and vendors, from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. AeroFS creates links to information, making it easy to share information while maintaining control over access to the files.

Audit Trail

Get comprehensive audit trails for every action. AeroFS on your own infrastructure also enables you to maintain internal policy compliance, as well as compliance with even the strictest privacy and data protection regulations.

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