AeroFS delivers the file syncing and sharing experience your users are familiar with.

Simple User Experience Across Platforms

Users want easy access to their files from everywhere: their laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet. With AeroFS they can: AeroFS works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

  • Install and run AeroFS clients or Storage AgentsĀ in minutes.
  • A single AeroFS folder fits right in with the file system and a Favorites shortcut makes the folder easy to find.
  • Familiar menu and right-click options fit into users’ existing workflows.

Versioning and File Recovery

Mistakes happen. AeroFS lets users recover old versions of their files in the case of accidental deletions or overwrites.

Simply right click on the file or folder and select AeroFS > Sync History to browse through various revisions and optionally revert to a previous one.

Easy, Powerful Conflict Management

AeroFS lets you easily resolve file conflicts.

The AeroFS client will alert you to conflicts and provides a tool which allows you to view all conflicting versions and resolve the conflicts on the fly.

Identity Management

AeroFS seamlessly integrates with most single sign-on (SSO) solutions that businesses use:

  • Active Directory/LDAP integration allows you to leverage your existing user management policies and infrastructure.
  • OpenID integration allows you to easily provide federated login through whichever OpenID-compatible system you use, whether your own or a public system such as Google Apps.