Cloud computing, “fog computing,” and solutions in between:
there’s an AeroFS deployment for you.

File Sharing… Without Servers?

AeroFS’s unique technology syncs files directly between devices, eliminating the need for expensive file servers and removing single points of failure.

Or Centralize With the AeroFS Storage Agent

Need to back up files to a central location? The AeroFS Storage Agent installs on any network-connected device to turn it into a central storage location that automatically syncs the files of everyone in the organization.

Learn more about the AeroFS Storage Agent.

Block Storage or Local Disk, Compressed or Flat

The AeroFS Storage Agent allows you to store data centrally in various configurations:

  • Block Storage: Store your data on local drives or on Amazon S3. The data is chunked, deduplicated, and compressed, allowing for significant space and cost savings.
  • Flat Storage: This option is perfect if you wish to read and write data directly on the Storage Agent’s filesystem, or expose AeroFS data through traditional protocols such as Windows File Share or NFS.

Learn more about Storage Agent storage options.