Your Data on Your IT Infrastructure. Period.

  • AeroFS never stores your files – they stay on your own infrastructure. Maintain control with centralized security, administration, and remote wipe capabilities.
    Files are protected end-to-end in transit with AES 256-bit encryption.

Unlimited Storage

  • Storage size is unlimited because AeroFS keeps your files on your own infrastructure.
  • AeroFS eliminates the need for expensive and temperamental file servers.
  • Optionally install the AeroFS Storage Agent to backup files for your whole organization with flexible storage options.

Your Own Private Cloud

  • Use the AeroFS Private Cloud to deploy AeroFS 100% privately behind your firewall. You keep full control of your data.
  • Set up lightweight AeroFS Appliance on low-cost hardware.
  • Scale Storage Agents cheaply and easily; manage them with less downtime.

Simple To Install

  • One-click installation of AeroFS clients.
  • Install the AeroFS Appliance in five minutes.
  • Automated software updates let your users walk away after client installation.

Simple To Use

  • The AeroFS folder is a regular folder on the user’s file system.
  • Immediately share and sync files by dropping them in the AeroFS folder.
  • Familiar shortcuts, menus, and right-click options fit into your existing workflow.
  • Version history lets you track changes easily.
  • LDAP, AD, and OpenID integration simplifies sign-on.