Company Updates, Product

Today we are proud to announce two new features that will help you share files easily and securely:

Balancing the needs of employees and administrators is at the heart of how we build product at AeroFS. On one hand, employees expect to share content without cumbersome restrictions and confusing interfaces. On the other hand, administrators expect to keep control of company data, and make sure unauthorized parties cannot access it. With AeroFS, we strive to make both users and administrators happy.

With web access, you can access your files while away from your computer. Link based sharing allows you to easily share content with a link without requiring the recipient to install AeroFS. You can further add your own security requirements to these links, such as setting expiry dates and password protection. At the same time, administrators can audit what was shared and when, allowing them to prevent data leakage.

Device-based security allows administrators to specify which devices in and outside their organization are authorized to use AeroFS based on a robust rule based system.

We created these features after conversations with our customers. We try to engage with you regularly, but if you want to start a conversation or have new feature suggestions, please reach out to us at We would love to hear from you.

— John & the AeroFS team