AeroFS Team

On Tuesday, the AeroFS team embarked on our most physically demanding project to date: Invasive Plant Removal.

We spent the afternoon volunteering with Acterra, an environmental non-profit in Silicon Valley. One of their main projects is working to restore habitats in several open spaces around the Peninsula while providing environmental education in the process.

We stepped in to rip out some very unwelcome weeds, such as poison hemlockteasel and purple star thistle, which inhibit the growth of milkweed – the beautiful Monarch butterfly’s only larval food source. On its migratory path from Canada to Mexico, the Monarchs stop in North America but often get stuck en route due to the abundance of ornamental tropical milkweed, which flowers year-round. By assisting the growth of seasonal milkweed in our open space preserves, we’ll help the Monarchs resume their Fall migration to the South.


For us in Northern California (including a fair amount of our own migratory Canadians), it was wonderful to get out in the sunshine and fresh air, and challenge each other to a good old-fashioned “who can pull the biggest weed?” competition. It was also great to become acquainted with an amazing local organization and put in some hard work for a good cause.

At the end of the afternoon though, we remembered why we love our office jobs- we were covered in mud!

Team AeroFS – all squeaky clean before playing in the mud!

– Gaby & The AeroFS Team