API access is available for the AeroFS Private Cloud only. Click here to request a developer license for free.

Unleash the power of distributed storage

AeroFS Private Cloud provides a RESTful API for content access and OAuth 2.0 for user authorization. Once an appliance administrator registers your app with the organization's AeroFS Appliance and a user in the organization gives authorization, your app can access the user's AeroFS data by making requests to the API endpoint in the AeroFS Appliance.

How it works

— Your app makes API requests to the API endpoint in the AeroFS Appliance — The load balancer in the AeroFS Appliance forwards API requests to Team Servers and Desktop clients — A computer is chosen based on your app's consistency policy.

Unlike tranditional systems where all the data are stored on a central server, AeroFS replicates files peer-to-peer across all the Team Servers and desktop clients in an organization.

A load balancer running in the AeroFS Appliance acts as a single API endpoint, and securely forwards API requests to running Team Servers and desktop clients. It distributes workload and maintains a balance between service availablity and data consistency.

Next steps

Read this tutorial and write your first AeroFS app!

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