AeroFS is looking for an exceptional product/UX designer to build the future of enterprise collaboration. The role is a unique opportunity to shape the experience of a product used across many industries. We are looking for someone who can solve hard UX challenges and put solutions to the test quickly.

Responsibilities will include:

  • building a unique product vision across all platforms and features,
  • testing assumptions and hypotheses using mockups, wireframes, prototypes, and user research,
  • collaborating with engineers and other stakeholders to solve UX challenges,
  • developing and teaching best practices for UI design given product needs and constraints,
  • engaging customers, getting their feedback, and improving the product accordingly.


Skills that we are looking for:

  • Outstanding UX design skills – Identifying and articulating user needs. Ability to break down complex problems, solve them creatively, and build our design system.
  • Exceptional communication skills – visual, written, and spoken. Ability to generate multiple solutions and critique them.
  • Fast prototyper – skilled with tools to create low and high fidelity prototypes and try out ideas quickly.
  • In-depth understanding of platform conventions in mobile, web, and desktop.

Bonus skills and experience:

  • visual/graphic/web design experience,
  • experience or interest in hands-on front-end coding on either web or mobile,
  • experience building collaboration software,
  • enterprise experience.

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