We’re looking for people who are as unique as our products. That means people who are excited about what they do and who own the responsibility for their work. Issues aren’t “someone else’s problem”—they’re motivation to innovate and create solutions. We want people who care as much about our customers’ success as their own and who help them solve problems with patience and understanding. Unexpected use cases and unglamorous tech stacks? They’re part of the creative process and the necessary means to important ends. And when it comes to heavy lifting, they pitch in (especially when we rearrange desks and couches).

We also look for multi-dimensional people. For example, we need engineers who are interested in also tackling issues related to user experience, market fit, or security implications. They don’t want to be buried in their specialty.

We’re a team-oriented company, so we support and help each other do our best work. And in return, everyone feels free to ask for and receive help from others when it’s needed. Consider joining us.