Technology is what we do. Our team loves solving hard problems; we are comprised of people who have previously worked at companies such as Google, Apple, Salesforce, Sun Microsystems, ARM, and Sandvine. They are experts in security and in building scalable distributed systems. We use technology to help our users share data securely, efficiently and affordably.

Customers are the reason we do it. We believe in making customer feedback an integral part of the engineering process, from informing our development priorities to providing timely technical support. We also believe customers shouldn’t need to choose between privacy and usability.

Agile is how we do it. Just as our customers’ data management needs are ever-evolving, AeroFS constantly iterates to deliver the best performance and best user experience possible. We ship new software weekly, providing users with the latest features, improvements, and fixes. Agility allows us to adjust our roadmap without costly pivots.

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We’re looking for people who are as unique as our products. That means people who are excited about what they do and who own the responsibility for their work. Issues aren’t “someone else’s problem”—they’re motivation to innovate and create solutions. We want people who care as much about our customers’ success as their own and who help them solve problems with patience and understanding. Looking for the next big challenge? Join us!