Logs are a collection of events and diagnostics that AeroFS records. Examples of events are: “network is down”, “AeroFS received a request from another device”, and so on. Logs are critical for us to diagnose and solve user issues.

In the private cloud, collecting logs used to take significant time and effort. Because we cannot see our users? data without their consent, users have to manually locate and send us the logs. If a syncing issue involves multiple users, all users need to send us the logs manually. This results in considerable delays for debugging and diagnosing issues.

Today we are excited to announce a streamlined way of collecting and sending logs for Private Cloud customers. With our new log collection system, a private cloud user can now report a problem the same way hybrid cloud users would. When a problem is reported, Private Cloud administrators will receive an e-mail notification. Administrators will then be able to collect logs from multiple users and send them to our servers. We also allow administrators to look at the logs before sending them to us. For this we provide a way to deploy an on-site log collection server.

This new log collection protects your privacy while allowing a faster turnaround to solve issues. We strive to make our customers happy; we hope the new system will help us achieve this goal.

Happy Syncing!

— Alex and the AeroFS Team