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From data sheets to case studies, learn how to eliminate the risk of the public cloud with file collaboration hosted entirely behind your firewall.


This week we launched Amium, a collaboration app that brings conversation to your files. CEO & Co-Founder Yuri Sagalov posted a blog on Medium about the way teams currently work together with digital files and how Amium solves the three “Ws” that hinder effective collaboration around files: What changed? Why did it change? Where is

Hybrid Cloud Sunset Extended to July 1

Hybrid Cloud Extended Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended the sunset date of the AeroFS Hybrid Cloud to July 1, 2016. AeroFS Hybrid Cloud will continue to operate normally through the end of this month, giving you more time to transition your services. If the AeroFS Hybrid Cloud sunset is news to you, please read our blog

Stop the File-Sharing End Run

Users don’t intend to create a security risk when they send a file. They’re just trying to do their jobs. But file-size limits prevent emailing an attachment. Or maybe it takes forever to upload and download a file. Sometimes they need to share with an external partner—but security policy won’t allow it, or cumbersome security authentication

Easy file sharing with AeroFS

Collaboration and file sharing go together. And with cloud and mobile computing, file sharing is easier than ever. But once a meeting is over, where do those files and data actually go? From a security standpoint, the possibilities are scary. According to EMA Research’s 2015 State of File Collaboration Security report, more than 80% of participants


This morning, we’re proud to announce a great new feature of AeroFS: the Attachment Manager for Microsoft Exchange. The Attachment Manager completely eliminates attachment size limits as well as storage quota issues due to large attachments, and enhances security at the same time. And the best part: the Attachment Manager will be included at no


This morning, Network World released its list of 40 hot products at VMworld 2015, and AeroFS is proud to be listed for its secure file sync and share solution. AeroFS provides secure file syncing and collaboration on premise for enterprises, enabling IT to maintain control over company data while end users enjoy a seamless and


On June July 1st, 2016 we will be sunsetting the AeroFS Hybrid Cloud offering to concentrate our efforts entirely on the AeroFS Private Cloud. (As of June 1, 2016 we have extended this deadline by 1 month.) The AeroFS Hybrid Cloud was the first product we released as a company, but almost as soon as we


AeroFS is an on-premises, fast, and secure file sync and share tool for businesses. Think Dropbox, but completely behind your corporate firewall. In interactions with our customers, one thing that became obvious is that one of the biggest barriers to adoption of software in the enterprise is a process both vendors and employees are familiar


Today we are happy to announce the release of two features focused specifically on large enterprise needs: Group Sharing and Autocomplete. Up until now, sharing a folder with a team required you to list their exact email addresses, one by one. However, this method isn’t foolproof – misspellings are always a possibility – and especially


Earlier this year we announced support for opt-in two-factor authentication for security-sensitive AeroFS users. Administrators loved it, and they wanted all employees to protect their accounts with two-factor authentication. We are proud to announce that administrators can now require two-factor authentication with AeroFS for all users across their entire organization in both Hybrid and Private Cloud. This is a great


Check out Amium, our new collaboration product that turns any file into a real-time activity feed and conversation.