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From data sheets to case studies, learn how to eliminate the risk of the public cloud with file collaboration hosted entirely behind your firewall.

AeroFS SDKs Pot of Gold

Over the past two months, AeroFS has been excited to release developer SDKs for C#, Golang, Javascript and Python! All of these projects are open source and available on Github. They each wrap the publicly exposed AeroFS REST API for ease of use, so developers can focus on application building rather than creating a wrapper


Earlier this year, Facebook open sourced React Native. For those unfamiliar with React Native, it is a framework that allows you to write native iOS and Android apps using JSX and Javascript. As a result, developers who are familiar with React.JS can use their existing knowledge to write native mobile apps – all they have to do is write React Native


Here be dragons XMPP, has a long history at AeroFS. It has been a key component of our peer-to-peer overlay network for the past 5 years. We’ve used it for peer discovery, multicast across LAN boundaries, and as a signaling channel to establish peer-to-peer connections though our relay service. On the one hand, it got the job done. On


We recently started writing microservices in Go and, along the way, we wrote a small tool to automate building statically linked binaries and packaging them into minimal Docker containers. Today we’re releasing this tool as gockerize on GitHub, in the hope that it can be useful to others. It is a fairly simple tool but it comes with


TLDR: By porting some of our microservices from Java to Go, we reduced their resident memory footprint by orders of magnitude. In the beginning there was Java The AeroFS Appliance is composed of many microservices, and a vast majority of them were written in Java. Historically, this has not caused us any problems, as the appliance serves thousands


Our mission at AeroFS is not only to provide an amazing file sharing and collaboration product to employees, but also to make the IT department’s life easier. We have gone to great lengths to achieve that mission through our existing deployment and installation process. The current process usually takes about 5 minutes from the moment


We recently held our third internal Hackathon, and the results far exceeded our expectations. Aside from the intangible benefits to teamwork and culture, literally every project had one or more elements that we are productizing and integrating into AeroFS. One of the most important aspects of a hackathon is that it is a safe environment for the critical work


Check out Amium, our new collaboration product that turns any file into a real-time activity feed and conversation.