The AeroFS Private Cloud is a great solution for businesses which suffer from unauthorized file syncing and collaboration usage due to the consumerization of IT. Today we’re launching two new features for the AeroFS Private Cloud: The AeroFS Auditing Service, which allows IT to audit all usage within AeroFS in real-time, and the AeroFS API, which allows developers to build amazing new collaboration tools and products for the private cloud.

The AeroFS Auditing Service

Audit trails are the cornerstone of IT security, and although AeroFS has long supported them through features such as Sync History and “Recent Activities”, today’s feature launch centralizes this functionality through the AeroFS Auditing Service that logs most activities that happen within AeroFS.

  • Employee/Vendor accounts created/modified/deleted
  • File creations, modifications, deletions, as well as who performed them
  • New devices (whether corporate, or otherwise) that are added to your AeroFS Private Cloud
  • Sharing invitations with internal and external users, who performed them, and when
  • And so on.

The AeroFS Auditing Service provides a well-structured JSON feed that is timestamped with the exact time an event has happened. The Auditing Service integrates with Splunk, or your existing logging infrastructure out of the box.

Getting started with the AeroFS Auditing Service is easy, and you can learn more here.

The AeroFS Content API

One of the most common requests we’ve heard from the technical community is the ability to build your own tools on top of the AeroFS Private Cloud ecosystem, and with
today’s Content API launch—you can!

The AeroFS Private Cloud now provides a RESTful Content API for content access and uses OAuth 2.0 for user authorization. The Content API allows developers to perform various operations on content stored in AeroFS:

  • List, create, move, and delete folders and files
  • Download metadata about files and folders(e.g. name, parent folder, last-modified, and so on)
  • Download content, and upload content

The get/upload content functionality allows developers to perform streaming uploads and downloads.

We’re firm believers in dog-fooding our own products, and the Content API is no exception. The AeroFS Content API is already in use by the AeroFS Private Cloud iOS Application.

The AeroFS developer documentation lives at developers.aerofs.com, and we encourage you to go through examples posted there.

You can sign up and start using the AeroFS Content API for internal development and experimentation today. However, before publication your application we ask that you contact us at api@aerofs.com.

Finally, we encourage you to subscribe to our api-announce mailing list.

All the best,
Yuri & The AeroFS Team