As mobile continues to penetrate the Enterprise, BYOD is no longer simply a question mark, it is a reality. Not only do employees want access to their work data at home, they are now bringing in mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad into the office.

Lacking a proper solution, these employees use (often in secret) public cloud file syncing and collaboration products which are undermining the ability of IT administrators to control the security and privacy of their corporate data. Worse, they are often violating compliance and regulatory requirements.

Last November we released the AeroFS Private Cloud. The AeroFS Private Cloud is an easy-to-configure file sync and share solution that lets corporations enable modern collaboration, while still keeping their data completely behind the corporate firewall.

Today we are releasing an important next step in the AeroFS Private Cloud ecosystem: The AeroFS Private Cloud iOS App.

AeroFS iOS app

The iOS App allows employees to access their corporate data, but unlike traditional cloud-based file syncing apps, the iOS app does not require data to be stored in the public cloud.

The iOS app is designed to address the growing BYOD movement within the Enterprise. It allows IT administrators to enable file syncing and collaboration on one of the most popular mobile platforms in the world without compromising their own data security and privacy policies.

Using the iOS App

Like the desktop AeroFS apps, the iOS app is designed to be easy to setup and use.
Since the AeroFS iOS App is distributed through Apple’s App store, it needs to easily be configured to talk to your organization’s AeroFS Private Cloud.

However, instead of manually entering error-prone information such as hostnames, ports, and security certificates, we opted for the simple QR-code based approach shown below:

AeroFS iOS App Sign In Page
AeroFS iOS App QR Code Page

This approach simplifies IT admin overheads by keeping the on-boarding flow for employees simple. Employees, in turn, get to experience the same “one-click” install process they’ve come to expect from the AeroFS Desktop apps, completely on their mobile platform.

Usage of the AeroFS iOS app is native and intuitive. The app displays the same folder hierarchy that you have on your own machine, allowing you to view and download whichever files you would like:

AeroFS iPad App screenshot

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