AeroFS – the company – was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing an on-premises, fast, and secure file sync & share tool for businesses. Think Dropbox, but completely under the customer’s control. AeroFS was well received, and over the years we built up a solid customer base.

AeroFS vs Amium

AeroFS is an on-premise file sync and
share tool that puts control of the data
in the customer’s hands.

When our customers use a file syncing tool (like AeroFS) to collaborate, we imagine that the process will look something like this: we create a file, save it to a shared folder, and it syncs to the other person’s devices, so they can work on it as well. However, in reality, once we save the file, the collaboration process is just beginning. Usually people end up sending the file via email, and you end up with multiple versions all over the place – in email, as links in IM tools like Skype, and of course in the file sync tool. It’s a mess.

To remedy this common conundrum, we built Amium, a collaboration tool that brings the conversation to the files, instead of the other way around. It’s built on the file sync & share capabilities of AeroFS, but adds chat capabilities a la Slack or Hipchat. It turns each file into a chat room, so the entire conversation about a particular file or project stays in one place. And it cuts down on email in general by up to 90%. No more searching for the most recent version of a file, AND less email? YES PLEASE!

Amium Chat
AeroFS and Amium Comparison

AeroFS and Amium are built for different audiences. The primary audience for AeroFS is IT teams. Typically, in larger organizations, the IT team is responsible for procuring company-wide software, especially those with roots in security and control, such as AeroFS. Amium, on the other hand, is cloud based, so IT isn’t necessary to get it up and running. Amium was designed for marketing agencies, designers and freelancers, without requiring IT help to use. Both AeroFS and Amium provide clients for web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

AeroFS and Amium Comparison

Whether you’re looking for an on-premises file sync and share solution, or a cloud-based collaboration tool, we’ve got you covered. Sign up for Amium or AeroFS for free today.