Our mission at AeroFS is not only to provide an amazing file sharing and collaboration product to employees, but also to make the IT department’s life easier.

We have gone to great lengths to achieve that mission through our existing deployment and installation process. The current process usually takes about 5 minutes from the moment you download the virtual appliance to the moment you are up and running (really!).

But we think we can do even better.

As the number of IaaS, PaaS, and broadly, public and private cloud vendors continues to explode, it has become difficult to support all these new environments. Although we have historically provided AeroFS as a virtual appliance, in many cases the admins needed to convert the appliance image to the appropriate environment format, and due to a lack of real standards between environments, this task ranges from difficult to nearly impossible.

Containers offer exactly the solution we were looking for. By taking the AeroFS virtual appliance and splitting it into lightweight containers (about 30 in all) we were able to create a simple system that can be deployed in any environment.

Today we are announcing an early access preview of the AeroFS-on-Docker environment that you can try immediately.

What that means for you, the IT admin

If you are managing cloud infrastructure for your company on OpenStack, VMWare, AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, or most public cloud vendors you can deploy your own AeroFS in one of three ways:

In “1 click”, using CoreOS

Along with this announcement we are releasing a cloud-config file that you can provide as a deployment parameter on most major cloud providers that support CoreOS (E.g. Digital Ocean, AWS).

For example, using Digital Ocean, which offers no native support for AeroFS, you can perform the following steps:

Create a Droplet and give it a name

Create a droplet

Paste the cloud-config fileSelect the CoreOS image of your choice

Select CoreOS Image

 Watch AeroFS get installed!

Watch AeroFS Get Installed on Digital Ocean

On any system that supports Docker, generally:

CoreOS offers many out of the box benefits, but it may not be the operating system of choice for everyone. If you’re not comfortable using CoreOS yet, we have created a short command line bash script to run AeroFS on any system that supports Docker 1.5 (most systems are supported, including many flavors of Linux, Windows, and OSX).

The “traditional way”:

We will continue supporting running AeroFS as an OVA natively through the download url at In fact, as the Docker release is still Early Access, this is actually our recommended way, for now 🙂

Let us know how it goes

The AeroFS on Docker release is an early preview release, so we would love to hear your feedback, comments, and suggestions. As always, our Support team can be reached at and they would love to hear from you.

— Weihan and the AeroFS Team