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AeroFS is an on-premises, fast, and secure file sync and share tool for businesses. Think Dropbox, but completely behind your corporate firewall.

In interactions with our customers, one thing that became obvious is that one of the biggest barriers to adoption of software in the enterprise is a process both vendors and employees are familiar with: Purchasing/Procurement.

In fact, when speaking with customers and prospects, we often hear that one of the most common reasons employees end up going with unauthorized software (that gave rise to the so called “Shadow IT” movement) is the difficulty and bureaucracy of dealing with the company’s purchasing department.

So today we’re announcing a large change in the way we sell and price the AeroFS Private Cloud specifically to address this problem. How? We’re going free.

We want to make it dead simple for organizations looking to solve the file sync and share problem in their business without having to make a large commitment in time or money, which is why the AeroFS Private Cloud offering will now be free up to 30 users, forever.

If you’ve signed up for AeroFS and are currently on a trial, you’ll find that your account has already been converted to from trial to free.

If you’re currently a paying customer with less than 30 users, we will be in touch to offer pro-rated refunds, and you’ll also find that your account has been upgraded to 30 free users.

If your company is thinking about an on-premises file sync and share solution, we hope that we’ve now made it sufficiently easy for you to get started before you have to commit the energy required to get through procurement.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

— Yuri & The AeroFS Team.