BYOD is a reality in today?s productive companies: co-workers use their personal phones to get the job done. Gartner predicts that by 2017, 50% of employers will require employees to bring their own device to work. This trend raises the security bar for IT administrators: phones are more likely to get lostsold, or stolen than traditional computers. Even when the employee retains their device, the company’s data can be easily shared and uploaded through third-party apps.

At AeroFS, we hear this concern loud and clear. IT administrators want tools to secure corporate data that sits on their employees’ devices. Today, we are excited to announce the release of AeroFS for MobileIron, mobile apps that integrate with MobileIron, the leading provider of Mobile Device Management solutions.

MobileIron reinforces AeroFS with additional security features such as encryption at rest, remote wipe, disabling of upload to third-party apps, and disabling of screen capture. Here are a few interesting features.

Encryption At Rest

With MobileIron, AeroFS encrypts all of the company’s sensitive data at rest. The data stays encrypted until the employee signs in with their MobileIron SecureApps password. IT Administrators can remotely install and delete apps and their corresponding data. If a device is lost or no longer in use, they can also make any secure data unviewable from the device, or even permanently delete it from the device.

Data Loss Prevention

On top of all the features that come with MobileIron Administration, our mobile apps also have several policies to prevent data leakage. For example, the Android app can disable screen capture while using the AeroFS for MobileIron app, and the iOS app supports several different policies affecting which external applications can open files from AeroFS for MobileIron and whether users can copy and print files.

Administrators can download the iOS and Android apps today. The AeroFS for MobileIron iOS version is available on the App Store. The Android version can be downloaded from the Private Cloud dashboard. We hope you will enjoy these new security features!

— Rudy and the AeroFS Team