Designed with the enterprise user in mind.

  • AeroFS clients install in minutes.
  • A single AeroFS folder fits right in with the file system and a Favorites shortcut makes the folder easy to find.
  • Familiar menu and right-click options fit into your existing workflows.

Share anywhere.

You need to access your files from everywhere: laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet. With AeroFS you can: AeroFS works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

AeroFS makes file sync and share as easy for mobile users as working with files and folders on the desktop. AeroFS fits users’ existing workflows.

Fast File Transfers

Thanks to AeroFS’s unique Smart Routing capability, users on the same LAN segment share files with each other directly, dramatically increasing transfer speed. AeroFS can accelerate transfer rates of up to 90mb/sec for near-real-time synching and seamless collaboration.

Better Collaboration

Even mobile users can easily share files with external partners without having to go through cumbersome steps. Links to information make it fast, easy, and secure to share files with customers, vendors, and partners.

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