We’re happy to announce the release of two new features that will make syncing and sharing easier: Web File Access and Secure Link Sharing.

Making your files accessible on the web was not an easy task. Unlike other cloud companies, we do not store your files on our servers. If we don?t have your files, how can we make them available on the web? As with the AeroFS mobile app, we leverage the AeroFS Content API.

Access your files at http://aerofscom.wpengine.com/files. If you are using the Hybrid Cloud, make sure you enable the API first. Your files will be available if at least one of your devices or a Team Server is online.


But wait, there’s more: with web access, you can also create a link to your files or folders. AeroFS will generate a link and you can paste it anywhere you want (email, chat, website, etc.).

To create a link, go to http://aerofscom.wpengine.com/files, select ‘Actions’ on any folder or file and ‘Create Link’.

You can also restrict access to the link. You can set up a password, or limit how long you want the link to be up. Security of your data is our priority, so we wanted to make it easy to control who can access your content.

Anyone who has access to the link, and the password if applicable, will have access to its content. The files will be downloadable if at least one of your devices or a Team Server is online. If you are sending an email back and forth with the people you are sharing with, we recommend sharing a folder with your AeroFS desktop client instead.

We would love getting your feedback, so feel free to contact us at support@aerofs.com!

Happy sharing,
Karen and The AeroFS Team