Dropbox behind the corporate firewall.

File Sync and Share, for the Enterprise. We never see or store your data.

  • Ultimate Security

    Your files are never stored on AeroFS servers. You decide where you want your data and how to secure it.

  • Familiar Simplicity

    AeroFS delivers a user experience that is similar to other file sharing tools, making end user training unnecessary.

  • Low-cost Scalability

    With AeroFS, you can sync as much data as you want. No limits. No caps.

Over 10,000 happy customers

"AeroFS's distinguishing feature is its ability to avoid putting files on servers or any other central location where they could potentially be seen. Files are instead synchronized directly between users' machines, and because they don't have to take extra trips between the machines and a server, the data can travel faster and the software can accommodate more users."

“AeroFS provides an experience that's nearly as seamless and simple to explain as Dropbox, but with the added security that comes from keeping your data (and data transfers) confined to your devices rather than on someone else's server.

The level of OS integration present and its ease of configurationmake it one of the most promising 'personal cloud' solutions we've seen so far."

"It means that your data is never stored on AeroFS's servers, which makes it appealing for the [...] companies that can't use cloud services like Dropbox. Second, it means you can sync as much data as you'd like without having to pay for additional server-side storage, making it appealing to people who deal with large amounts of data."

"The biggest difference between AeroFS and most other solutions on the market is that AeroFS doesn't force you to use a central server with a file storage quota. After installing AeroFS and sharing a folder with a friend or colleague, both computers find each other on the cloud (even through firewalls), and start sending and receiving files directly, through an encrypted link.

The thing that impressed me most about AeroFS was that file sync between computers just worked."