Like Dropbox,
but behind your firewall

File Sync and Share for the enterprise. Free up to 30 users.

Secure and private.

Your files are never stored on AeroFS servers. AeroFS enables you to share and collaborate while keeping full control over your data, even when sharing with your customers, vendors, and partners.


Compliance, Auditing, Two-Factor Authentication, LDAP/AD integration, device authorization and many more enterprise features are all available out of the box!


With AeroFS's Smart Routing technology you can sync data at 80-90mb/s inside your LAN.

Simple To Use

  • The AeroFS folder is a regular folder on the user's file system.

  • Immediately share and sync files by dropping them in the AeroFS folder.

  • Familiar shortcuts, menus, and right-click options fit into your existing workflow.

  • Version history lets you track changes easily.

  • LDAP, AD, and OpenID integration simplifies sign-on.

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The AeroFS Private Cloud is a lightweight virtual appliance deployed 100% behind your corporate firewall.

Your users get a simple, intuitive file sharing experience. Your IT department gets data security and control.

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